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Awaken is an elegant, clean, responsive, retina ready WordPress theme created for magazines and blogs. If you are looking for a modern style theme with great customization and monetization options this would be perfect for you. It has a great magazine layout with three different style post block widgets, enabling you to display posts in different categories or display latest posts. Theme customizer panel lets you to easily customize the site without any extra effort.



This theme is built with twitter bootstrap framework. So this theme can be viewed on any viewing environment like mobile phones, tabs and desktops perfectly.


Awaken has featured widgets to display posts in different styles in the magazine layout. Following is a list of widgets included with this theme.

  • Awaken Single Category Posts Widget.
  • Awaken Two Block Posts Widget.
  • Awaken Three Block Posts Widget.
  • Awaken Popular Posts, Comments, Tags Widget.
  • Awaken 300×250 Ad Widget.
  • Awaken Youtube video Widget.


Awaken theme has included a featured posts area to display posts in modern style. It is made with flexslider to display posts in a responsive slider.


Customizer panel facilitates you to easily customize your theme without any extra effort. Go to “Appearance > Customize” from your dashboard to customize your site.


This theme like our other themes  released under general public license. It lets you to change the code and customize your theme as you wish without any restriction.

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154 thoughts on “Awaken

  1. Hello Pubudu … nice to meet you!

    Where is saying “NO IMAGE” is the slide, and its 752×440 right?
    And the thumb is 726×410 scaled to 388×219 but … what size should I use in featured image of every post ? 726×410 and it will be scaled to 388×219?

    What will happen when i choose the categories to put in the slide? i mean… how will the template knows the image will be 752×440? will be it scaled from featured image from post, or how?

    Thank you!

  2. hello.

    I updated this theme today.(2015.08.15) after updating I found something is changed. I like sliding post but I don’t wanna use ‘Leave a Reply’ which is placed on the bottom of every posting .
    How can I remove that form?

    I hope to hear answer!
    Thank you


    1. Dear Trent,

      Please activate the redux framework plugin. After that it will work as normal. And also there is a new update from today( 2015-08-20 – Version 1.1.3 ). So please update to the latest version.


  3. Hello! I noticed that the slider disappeared randomly disappeared today, while editing. (Site is not live yet, as I want to fully set it up before I re-launch). I tried switching the slider on and off a few times, but no luck. I also went back to replace the .css sheets that I had edited with the originals, but the slider will still not show up.

    Any ideas?


  4. Hello Pubudu, I am using the free version of the Awaken theme and love it. Under Settings -> Reading I have a Static Front Page set and it’s configured to the Magazine Template. Under Magazine 2 I am using the Awaken Single Category Post Widget.

    My question is: How do I get the all of the content of my post to display while using the Awaken Single Category Post widget. I’d like to show the entire post vs the excerpt of the post. I’ve set the widget to pull a specific category which is assigned to only one specific post.

    I know can use the Default Template but I lose the great Magazine features.

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Thanks for a great theme! I have a suggestion though. On a mobile device, the names of the menus are hardcoded to ‘Top Menu’ and ‘Main Menu’. Since the menu names are VERY dominant on the mobile version It would be great if you let these names be fetched from the actual menu names set in admin. I had to create a child theme and change the names.

    Thanks for listening.

  6. Hi, I really love this theme but have a few issues. One is that I keep getting “thumbnail not available” for posts that are displayed in the magazine and sidebar areas. What do I need to do?

    1. Please run the regenerate thumbnail plugin once to show all the images. This happens because the theme uses optimized images.


  7. I’m trying to add a pagination plugin and I need to edit some code from the existing pagination. Where would I find the pagination code to edit?

    1. Hello Jessie,

      Please read the plugin documentation. Most probably the index.php and the archive.php files. Plugin should have provided details about which files to edit.


  8. Hi,

    I have a website that deals with news and test of mobile applications. I would like to create different sections in the menu such as “Test”, “News”, “Good Deals”, etc. and that every section only show specific categories of articles. Is it possible ? It looks like we can only create one “blog” page. Am I right ?

    1. Hello Florian,

      Yes it is possible. Different category articles will display in the “blog” layout. Just add your categories to the menu by appearance > menus. But you cannot have more than one “magazine” layouts.


  9. Hello,

    I used this theme for a website a year or so ago, and am using it again for a new website.

    I remember before I could customize the magazine template of each Page separately. I don’t see that as an option anymore. Is that only available in the Pro version now?

    In case I need to be more clear with what I am asking, I recall being able to add the “three block” or “two block” widgets to Magazine 1 or Magazine 2, and I could specify on which page they would show up.

  10. Hello admin,

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful theme with us. Its really nice. I have just one query… is it possible to add to 728x90px advertisement div or code in the header top right? If yes, then how to do it? There is no option mentioned to do this in the customize theme option. Kindly help me out with this asap as I have finished working on it on local and ready to upload.

    Thanks in advance,
    Mohd. SAQIB

  11. Is there a way to remove the sidebar widgets from the designated posts page? The template option is removed on the given page’s backend.

  12. Hello Admin,

    How to delete the small thing before the date ? Because I want to hide the Date, and comments of my website :

    I pasted this on the CSS:

    .comments-link {
    display: none;

    .entry-date {
    display: none;

    And how to delete the Author of the article : Tendances-blook.

    Please let me know, have a good day !

    1. Hi Quoc,

      I am sorry there is not a xml file. Please read the documentation to learn how to setup the theme.

      Thank You,
      Best Regards,

  13. Hi Pubudu,

    We love the Awaken theme and are currently using the free one as a sort of trial. We are using it for setting up a Movie and TV review site. We have the ability to set the colour of the background in customizer to black, which is what we want. However the text colour is grey and is too dark. We would like to make all the text and the comments, titles, categories etc white. Can we do this in the free theme, or do we need to purchase the Pro version. Also can we even do this in the Pro version. Next question is can we actually purchase the Pro version, if it’s possible to change all the text to white, upgrade and keep our changes so far, or do we have to start again when we install or upgrade to the Pro version.

    Warmest regards,


    1. Hi Pubudu,

      How can I delete the small thing before the date ? Because I want to hide the Date, and comments of my website :

      I pasted this on the CSS:

      .comments-link {
      display: none;

      .entry-date {
      display: none;

      And how to delete the Author of the article : Tendances-blook ?

      Please let me know,
      have a good day !

  14. Hi Pubudu,
    I am using Awaken free version. My problem is – when I have created a div inside my child theme’s index.php it shows no output for that.
    Any suggestion?

  15. I have a post with a .png file as featured image with a transparent background. When it appears in the slider on the frontpage it has a white background though. I assume it gets this somewhere in the CSS but I can’t find it so far. Any ideas?

  16. hii,
    how can i change the language?
    i see that the translation file is allready added but i cant find where to change it..

    i hop you can help because i really like your template

  17. Hi, thanks for a great theme..
    I can’t use in the footer widget, can that be true?
    Thank you in advance.

      1. Jesus, the post remove ever thing in ><.
        What i'm trying to say is, how can i make the text size bigger in the footer widget after i chose a text box.

  18. Hi Pubudu,

    I am using the free version and I encountered an issue which the slider is not working.
    I uploaded an image to the post and it doesn’t shown in the slider. It shown “No Image” instead.
    I have choose the correct category under the slider.

    Any solution?

      1. Hi Pubudu,

        The website is currently under development, yet to publish.
        If you don’t mind, I would like to print screen and email you.

        Thank you.

  19. Hello! Can you change the color of the menu, the black footer background, and the orange headers? And what is the major difference between the free and pro version? Thanks!

  20. I love the Awaken Theme – however, in the latest update the social buttons (particularly Facebook and LinkedIn) look a bit odd – they have a square surrounding the symbol which makes them look a bit crowded. This is something you may want to fix for the next update.

    Otherwise, I have nothing but praise for the Awaken theme – it is exactly what I look for in a theme – versatile, responsive and beautifully designed.

    1. Hi,

      I think you are talking about the sharing buttons in your site’s posts that is built from a some plugin that you are using. New update didn’t make any changes to the FontAwesome font. You should ask it from the particular plugin author.


  21. Hello,
    I’m using the free version of Awaken to do a multilingual website.
    How can I have the magazine homepage in two different languages ? I’m using the WPML plugin to translate pages.

    Thanks for your hepl

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- Version 1.0.1
Fixed a issue in mobile menu.
Added social media feature.
Changed redux framework embeded option to plugin option.

- Version 1.0.2
Fixed a issue in featured slider.

- Version 1.0.4
Changed files calling method (__FILE__ to get_template_directory())

- Version 1.0.5
Changed slider locations.

- Version 1.0.6
Added linkedin social link to the header.

- Version 1.0.7
Added Editor Stylesheet to the theme. 

- Version 1.0.8
Added Right to Left language support to the theme. (RTL support)

- Version 1.0.9
Added Post options section to Awaken Options Panel. Now you can turn off featured images in single posts.

- Version 1.1.1
Added switches to turn on or off comments on pages or posts.

- Version 1.1.2
Small update to fix html validation issues.

- Version 1.1.3
Fixed some translation issues. 
Fixed some issues in comments activate deactivate methodology.

- Version 2.0.1
Removed theme options panel.
Added options and settings to the theme customizer.
Added a theme info page.
Updated the default.po file.
Added title tag support.

- Version 2.0.2
Fixed the slider and footer not displaying issue.

- Version 2.0.3
Changed archive title for categories and tags.
Fixed Google Plus icon not displaying issue.

- Version 2.0.4
Removed checking useragent for html5shiv and used wp_script_add_data instead.
Removed unwanted file_exists check for admin-config.php. 

- Version 2.0.5
Added a method to display sticky posts for the two featured posts that are just next to the slider.

- Version 2.0.6
Removed old theme filtering tags and added new tags.

- Version 2.0.7
Added "header ad" widget area to header.
Added a checkbox to show/hide search box on navigation. ( Appearance > Customize > General Settins. )
Updated font awesome font.

- Version 2.0.8
Changed widget post titles "h1" tags to "h3"
Changed blog listing titles "h1" tags to "h2"
Fixed undefined variable issue in magazine widgets.
Added the previously removed theme section again to the customizer.