Bam WordPress Theme Documentation

1. Introduction

This is the documentation page of the Bam WordPress Theme. We will try to keep everything well documented. If you are not sure about any particular area of this please use the support forum.


2. Theme Installation

  • Theme installation process is same as others.
  • Download the .zip file. ( Bam PRO can be downloaded from after the purchase. )
  • Go to Appearance > Themes in the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Click on the Add New button.
  • Click on the Upload Theme button on the top.
  • Use Choose File button to select .zip file.
  • Select the theme ‘zip’ file from your computer and click Install Now Button.
  • After successfully installing the theme click “Activate Theme”.


3. Adding a Custom Logo

Adding a custom logo is very easy. Please use the following steps.

  • Go to Customizer > Site Identity in the WordPress Dashboard. ( Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Site Identity ).
  • Then click on the “Select Logo” button which is under the “Logo” title. Then use the upload tab to upload a logo or select the previously uploaded logo from the popped up media library window.
  • Now if you don’t want to show the site title and description text you can un-check the “Display site title and tagline” check box.
  • Click “Save and Publish” button at the top.
  • You can change the logo image width and height directly from the customizer. Scroll down in the site identity section to find width and height controls after adding the logo.


4. General  Options

– 4.1 Site Layout

Your site can be displayed either in a Boxed Layout or a Wide Layout. Please go to Appearance > Customize > General Options and select your preferred layout from “Site Layout” select box.

After selecting the boxed/wide layout you can change the boxed/wide layout width from the “Boxed Width” and “Container Width” Control.


– 4.2 Content width

You can change the width of your content of your whole site by using the “Content Width” control.

– 4.3 Sidebar width

You can change the width of your sidebar by using the Sidebar Width control.

Note: Content width + Sidebar width must be equal 100 in order to display them side by side.



5. Header Options

Header Options of the Bam WordPress theme is located at Appearance > Customize > Header Options.

– 5.1 Header Style

To change header style please navigate to Appearance > Customize > Header Options > General. Currently there are two header styles available. We will add more header styles in the future.

  1. Default Style – This is the default style. Menu is below the logo.
  2. Horizontal Style – Logo and Menu stays side by side.


– 5.2 Logo Alignment

When the Default style header is active you can align your logo left, right or center.

– 5.3 Header Height

When the Default style of the header is active you can adjust header height using the Header Padding Top(px)  and Header Padding Bottom(px) controls.

When the horizontal style of the header is active you can adjust the header height using the Header Height(px) slider control.


– 5.4 Header Background Color

Change header background color using the Header Background Color control on Appearance > Customize > Header > General.


– 5.5 Header Text color

Header text color ( Logo and description color ) can be changed from Appearance > Customize > Colors.


6. Main Menu

  • Go to Appearance > Menus in the WordPress Dashboard.
  • In the edit menus tab click on the “create new menu” link.
  • Give a Menu Name and click button “create menu”.  For example if you are planing to use this as main menu type “Main Menu”
  • Then you can choose/create the links from the tabs (Pages/Posts/Custom Links/Categories) which are in the left hand side of the screen.
  • After Creating the menu select the Theme Location of the menu.(It’s under the Menu Settings which is in the bottom of the page. ) Select where you want to show this menu. Theme has two menu locations. ( Main Menu, Top Menu )
  • Finally Hit Save.

– 6.1 Main Menu Options

Main menu options are located at Appearance > Customize > Header > Menu.

– 6.2 Search Box/Icon

You can display or hide Search Box Icon on menu bar using the “Display Search Box” checkbox.


– 6.3 Menu Colors

You can change main menu colors from Appearance > Customize > Header > Menu.



7. Top Bar Options

Settings for the top bar is located at Appearance > Customize > TopBar. To display the top bar please go to Appearance > Customize > TopBar > General and mark the checkbox “Display Top Bar”.

To display the date on top bar just mark the “Display Date” checkbox.


– 7.1 Top Bar Menu

You can display a menu on Top Bar. To display the menu on top bar,

  1. Create a new menu from Appearance > Menus.
  2. Assign that menu to “Top Bar Menu”.


– 7.2 Top Bar Colors

To change top bar colors please go to Appearance > Customize > TopBar > General.


– 7.3 Top Bar Social Media Menu

Social Media settings for the top bar is located at Appearance > Customize > Top Bar > Social.

To display the social media menu on top bar,

  1. Mark the “Display Social Media Icons” checkbox on Appearance > Customize > Top Bar > Social. 
  2.  Then please navigate to Appearance > Customize > Social Media.
  3. Add the links of the social media in the relevant fields.



8. Blog Entries Options

All the settings for blog entries are available on Appearance > Customize > Blog > Blog Entries. These options apply only for blog & archive listing pages.

– 8.1 Content & sidebar alignment

There are 4 blog layout options in the Bam WordPress Theme. To select your preferred layout please navigate to Appearance > Customize > Blog > Blog Entries > Blog Layout.

  1. Right Sidebar ( Default )
  2. Left Sidebar
  3. No Sidebar – Full Width Content.
  4. No Sidebar – 80% width content centered.



– 8.2 Blog Style

There are three styles available to display your blog entries.

  1. Grid Posts ( You can select how many posts to display per row from Grid Columns option )
  2. List Posts
  3. Large Posts


– 8.3 Content Options.

You can control what kind of details to display on blog entries. Scroll down in the Blog Entries section to find content options.

– 8.4 Display Read More Button.

You can display a continue reading button for the blog entry. To add a Read More button please navigate to Appearance > Customize > Blog > Blog Entries and scroll down until your find the “Display Read More Button” checkbox.



9. Single Post Options

Single Post options are available at Appearance > Customize > Blog > Single Post.

– 9.1 Single Post Layout.

There are 4 options for single post content and sidebar alignment.

  1. Right sidebar
  2. Left sidebar
  3. No sidebar – Full Width
  4. No sidebar – content centered.


– 9.2 Single Posts Content Options

You can control what kind of post details to display on single posts. To change the content options on single posts please navigate to Appearance > Customize > Blog > Single Post.


– 9.3 Related Posts

You can display related posts on single posts based on the post’s category or tags. To find related posts options please navigate to Appearance > Customize > Blog > Single Post and scroll down in the section.



10. Typography Options

On Bam WordPress theme you can select fonts, change font sizes and change font colors easily. There are 600+ google fonts to choose from. Typography options are available at Appearance > Customize > Typography Options.


11. Widgets

There are 2 widgets bundled with the free theme.

  1. Bam Sidebar Posts – Can be displayed on Main Sidebar and Footer Sidebar.
  2. Bam Popular, Recent, Comments, Tabs widget – Can be displayed on Main Sidebar and Footer Sidebar.


12. Widget Areas

1.  Sidebar
2.  Header Sidebar
3.  Footer Left Sidebar
4.  Footer Mid Sidebar
5.  Footer Right Sidebar

Add widgets to the relevant widget areas and arrange them in any order you want.


***** If you have any problem with the theme please contact us. *****

12 thoughts on “Bam WordPress Theme Documentation

    1. Hi David,

      Yes you can control the size of the logo image for mobiles. Please go to Appearance > Customize > Site Identity and scroll bottom to access the width and height controls.

      Thank you

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for a great free theme.

    Please advise how I can set the featured image for a page to not show when the page is loaded.


    1. Hi,
      in Customization section, under Blog–> Single Post–> there is a checkbox to “Display Featured Image”.
      Hope this helps.


    1. Hi Nazri,

      Could you please tell me what version of the WordPress you are using? Can you try deactivating plugins and try accessing customizer?

      Thank you.

  2. Few Questions (on the free theme):
    1. Footer menu isn’t displayed.
    2. there is no option to “comment” on posts. only on pages?
    3. on pages, author info, update date and other information isn’t displayed…

    is that normal?

    1. Hi Ben,

      There is no footer menu in the Bam Free theme. Do you mean the menu on footer widget area?

      I think you have disabled comments on posts. Otherwise it should display comments section. Please go to Dashboard > Discussion and check whether you have disabled comments. If it is enabled and still cannot see the comment section please check from each individual post’s edit screen. Because you can enable/disable comments from individual posts too.

      Yes on pages author info update date and other information is not displaying. They display only on posts. If you want to display them I recommend to create a post instead.

      Thank you.

  3. I am using Bam free theme. The theme customization option has stopped working after updating wordpress 5.4.1. Theme cannot be customized right now Debug debug article appears on the page. How to find a solution?

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