THBusiness Theme Documentation


      1. Introduction.
      2. Theme Installation.
      3. Add a Custom Logo.
      4. Custom Main Menu.
      5. Home Page Slider.
      6. Business Template.
      7. Widgets.
      8. Widget Areas.

1. Introduction

This is the documentation page of the THBusiness WordPress Theme. We will try to keep everything well documented. If you are not sure about particular area of this please use the support forum.

2. Theme Installation

Theme installation process is same as others.

      1. Download the .zip file.
      2. Go to Appearance > Themes in the WordPress Dashboard
      3. Click on the Add New button
      4. Click on the Upload Theme button on the top.
      5. Use Choose File button to select .zip file.
      6. Select the or ( If you got pro version ) file from your computer and click Install Now Button.
      7. After successfully installed the theme click “Activate Theme”.

3. Add a Custom Logo

Adding a custom logo is very easy. Please use the following steps.

      1. Go to Appearance > Customizer in the WordPress Dashboard.
      2. Under “Site Identity” section there is a setting called site logo.
      3. Press select image button to choose a site logo.
      4. Then choose how to display the logo from “Display site title / logo.” setting.
      5. Click “Save & Publish” button in the top of the customizer.

4. Custom Main Menu

After just installing the theme it will display the pages as the default menu. You can add your own links, categories, pages for the menu.

      1. Go to Appearance > Menus in the WordPress Dashboard.
      2. In the edit menus tab click on the link “create new menu”.
      3. Give a Menu Name and click button “create menu”.
      4. Then you can choose/create the links from the three tabs(Pages/Links/Categories) which is in the left hand side.
      5. After Creating the menu select the Theme Location of the menu.(It’s under the Menu Settings which is in the bottom of the page. ) In this case tick the “Primary Menu”.
      6. Hit Save.

5. Home Page Slider

Follow the steps to activate home page slider.Slider will display in the front page of the theme. You can add 5 slides for this theme.

      1. Go to Appearance > Customizer > Homepage settings > Homepage slider in the WordPress Dashboard.
      2. Mark the check box under the heading “Display slider on homepage” to activate the slider. You can use this to turn on or off the slider.
      3. Use “Select Image” button to add a slider image.
      4. Fill the slider title, slider description to display a slider title and slider description.
      5. Then fill the Slider Redirect Link – It is the link of the web page that you want to go when the slider button or title pressed.
      6. Fill the slider redirect link button text.
      7. After adding number of slides you want click “Save & Publish” button.

6. Business Template

Adding a business page.

      1. Go to Pages > Add New in the WordPress Dashboard
      2. Give it a name whatever you want. eg : Business.
      3. Then from the page attributes options box select the Template as Business Template.
      4. Business Homepage

      5. Then Go to Settings > Reading in the WordPress Dashboard and select the “A Static Page” option which is under the heading “Front Page Displays”.
      6. Then Select the page that you created from the “Front Page” drop down . eg: Business

      business template setting

      Adding a blog post page when business page is activated.

          1. Go to Pages > Add New in the WordPress Dashboard
          2. Give it a name whatever you want. eg : Blog.
          3. Then from the page attributes options box select the Template as Default Template.
          4. Then Go to Settings > Reading in the WordPress Dashboard and select the option “A static page” which is under the heading “Front Page Displays”.
          5. Then Select the page that you created from the “Blog Page” drop down . eg: Blog.

      7. Widgets

      There are 6 widgets that you can display in the business template.

      1. THBusiness Services Widget.

      This widget can be used to display the services of your business. You can display a small font awesome font icon or small image icon. If you want a image icon go to the page that you display as the service item and set a featured image. If you want a font awesome icon go to font awesome cheat sheet then find and give the name of the icon that you want, to the icon input field.  After that, select the page that you want to display as the excerpt of the service widget. It will display the automatically generated excerpt. If you want a manual excerpt then in your page editor screen after the editor area you will see a area to add a custom excerpt. If you cannot see it, activate it from screen options. That’s all.Services widget is perfect for Business Template Top/Bottom Areas.

      thbusiness services widget

      2. THBusiness Call to Action.

      Displays a call to action. Perfect for Business Template Top/Bottom Areas.

      thbusiness call to action widget

      3. THBusiness Recent Work Widget.

      This widget displays pages as recent work. It will use the featured image of the page as the image of the widget and page excerpt. You can on or off the page excerpt if you want. Use for Business Template Top/Bottom Areas.

      thbusiness recent work widget

      4. THBusiness Single Page Widget.

      As the name suggests this displays a single page in the business template area. Choose the page that you want to display from the drop down. It also uses the featured image. Drag and drop this widget to the Business Template Left Area or Business Template Right Area.

      Single Page Widget

      5. THBusiness Testimonial.

      This displays testimonial. Use this widget any amount of time to display multiple testimonials. Drag and drop this widget to the Business Template Left Area or Business Template Right Area.

      thbusiness testimonial

      6. THBusiness Featured Images.

      Display your client logos or any kind of images in this widget. Perfect for Business Template Top/Bottom Areas. To add a image go to the Dashboard > Media. Upload a image and  then go to Media > Library and select the name of the image you  just uploaded. In the right area of the dashboard there is a box which contains the File Url. Copy and paste that link in the Image Link input field. Image redirect link means link of the web page that user should go when the user click on the image.  eg:

       thbusiness featured images

      8. Widget Areas

      Business template consists with 4 widget areas.

      • Business Template Top Area.
      • Business Template Left Area.
      • Business Template Right Area.
      • Business Template Bottom Area.

      Drag and drop each widget to the relevant widget areas and arrange them any order you want. Following image shows the widgets and widget areas.

      THBusiness Business Template Widget Areas
      THBusiness Business Template Widgets and Widget Areas

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219 thoughts on “THBusiness Theme Documentation

  1. Hi

    I try to use TH Business theme. IT is great and completely suitable for my idea. However, I have an issue. When I added pictures on home page slieder, it is shown very big and I could not make it smaller. How can I change the height? In your demo, it is much smaller.

  2. Hello,

    I wants the “THBusiness Recent Work Widget.” to be replace with the recent 4 blog post can we do that ?

    Please guide me for the same.

    Ashish Bhatt

  3. Please help me. I can’t put html links in my website. I’ve got TH business. When I put an html link in my slider, it always puts my domain name in front of the link.

  4. Hi, I recently migrate to other server my website made with thbusiness, but all settings of template are missing.. (I migrate manually files and db).. How I can sove ?
    Thank you, Zak

      1. I’m using 2.0 version..
        I have already resolved by setting all the parameters again .. it was not much to do, but I wonder why it all went lost even though I’ve transported everything manually and connected the database that had the right parameters .. I made a cloning..

          1. I made empty page with business template, set it to be static front page and then imported widgets..

  5. Hi, on both the THBusiness and THBusiness Pro (just bought) my site title wraps to three lines, even if I take last word away. I’d like it to all be one line:
    Tipping Point Renewable Strategies

    Thanks, Mike

    1. you should change font size in css (try with font-size 30px)

      .site-title {
      font-size: 36px;
      font-weight: bold;
      margin: 15px 0 0 0;

  6. The slider appears way to big when i upload an image to it how do i adjust the size of the slider, the image size does not affect it.

  7. Hello,

    Anyone can help me with translation of widgets, footer and header of this theme with qTranslate-x plugin?


  8. I want to get my business testimonials in the business template right area. However, when I select the right area and add a testimonials widget they appear on the left :s Any idea why?

  9. Dear developer,

    I am very confused that why my *Recent Work Widget* and *Single Page Widget* can not show the featured image? please help

    1. and it does work no matter whether I checked the following optiin or not

      *Display page titles.*
      *Display page excerpts.*

  10. Using the THBusiness theme slider. What size picture works best for the slider? For example 1688 x 1125 or 6000 x 4000?

    1. Hello Edward,

      You can change the picture size that matches your site. However in the demo I have used 1920px x 655px size.


    1. Hello Mike,

      You can edit the js file to do that. However in THBusiness Pro we have included that feature to it just from the customizer.

      Thank You.

    1. Hi,

      It is because you have selected the “Business Template” for the contact page also. Go to page edit screen of the contact page and select the “Default Template” from the page attribute box.

      Thank You.

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