Awaken WordPress Theme Documentation


  1. Introduction.
  2. Theme Installation.
  3. Add a Custom Logo.
  4. Custom Main Menu.
  5. Magazine Template.
  6. Featured Images and slider.
  7. Widgets.
  8. Widget Areas.


Important notice :

As per the new guidelines by to remove theme options panels of the themes, we have removed the Awaken Options panel after the Awaken 2.0.1 update. All the options and settings are now located at the theme customizer. ( Appearance > Customize )

So before update make sure to backup important settings like colors, custom css, etc.. that are in the options panel. ( At least take a screenshot of the settings so that you can apply them in the customizer when the new update installed. )

Redux Framework plugin installation will “not” be required further.

1. Introduction

This is the documentation page of the Awaken WordPress Theme. We will try to keep everything well documented. If you are not sure about particular area of this please use the support forum.

2. Theme Installation

  • Theme installation process is same as others.
  • Download the .zip file.
  • Go to Appearance > Themes in the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Click on the Add New button.
  • Click on the Upload Theme button on the top.
  • Use Choose File button to select .zip file.
  • Select the theme ‘zip’ file from your computer and click Install Now Button.
  • After successfully installing the theme click “Activate Theme”.


3. Add a Custom Logo

Adding a custom logo is very easy. Please use the following steps.

  • Go to Customizer in the WordPress Dashboard. ( Appearance > Customize ).
  • In the Site Identity section click on the “Select image” button which is under the Site tile and site tagline input boxes.”
    Upload Your Logo and Click Select in the upload screen.
  • Just after the above setting there is a setting called “Display site title / logo”. Choose your preferred option from that setting.
  • Click “Save and Publish” button at the top.


4. Custom Main Menu

  • After just installing the theme it will display the pages as the default menu. You can add your own links, categories, pages for the menu.
  • Go to Appearance > Menus in the WordPress Dashboard.
  • In the edit menus tab click on the link “create new menu”.
  • Give a Menu Name and click button “create menu”.
  • Then you can choose/create the links from the three tabs(Pages/Links/Categories) which is in the left hand side.
  • After Creating the menu select the Theme Location of the menu.(It’s under the Menu Settings which is in the bottom of the page. ) In this case tick the “Primary Menu”.
  • Hit Save.


5. Magazine Homepage

– Adding a magazine homepage.
  • Create a new page by going to Pages > Add New in the WordPress Dashboard
  • Give the page a name whatever you want. eg : Home.
  • Then from the page attributes options box select the Template as Magazine Template.

Awaken add homepage

  • Then Go to Settings > Reading in the WordPress Dashboard and select the “A Static Page” option which is under the heading “Front Page Displays”.
  • Then Select the page that you created from the “Front Page” drop down . eg: Home

Reading Settings

– Adding a blog post page when magazine homepage is activated.
  • Go to Pages > Add New in the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Give it a name whatever you want. eg : Blog.
  • Then from the page attributes options box select the Template as Default Template.
  • Then Go to Settings > Reading in the WordPress Dashboard and select the option “A static page” which is under the heading “Front Page Displays”.
  • Then Select the page that you created from the “Blog Page” drop down . eg: Blog.

Now you have created a “Magazine Homepage” to display posts widgets and “Blog page” to display normal blog posts. To display posts widgets in magazine homepage drag and drop posts widgets to magazine 1 and magazine 2 widget areas. ( Widgets and widget areas are shown in a image bottom of this article. )


6. Featured Images and Slider

You may have noticed that when you upload featured images from posts they doesn’t have same sizes in the blog index page or magazine page. To fix that please use the great regenerate thumbnail plugin to crop images. It will crop all the featured images of posts.

Activate slider

1. Go to Appearance > Customize > Homepage Settings > Featured Slider.
2. Check the ‘Display slider on homepage’ check box.
3. Then select the category of posts which you want to display in the slider. ( Featured images of posts of the selected category will be displayed as slider images.
– Featured images of posts should be at least in width of 752px and in height of 440px to display slider images properly.
– Use regenerate thumbnail plugin to crop all the images.

7. Widgets

There are 6 widgets that you can display in the magazine template.

1.  Awaken: Single Category Posts
2.  Awaken Two Block Posts Widget.
3.  Awaken Three Block Posts Widget.
4.  Awaken Popular Posts, Comments, Tags Widget.
5.  Awaken 300×250 Ad Widget.
6.  Awaken Youtube video Widget.


8. Widget Areas

1.  Magazine 1
2.  Magazine 2
3.  Main Sidebar
4.  Footer Left Sidebar
5.  Footer Mid Sidebar
6.  Footer Right Sidebar

Drag and drop each widget to the relevant widget areas and arrange them any order you want. Following image shows the slider, featured post areas, widgets and widget areas

Awaken WordPress Theme Widget Areas

295 thoughts on “Awaken WordPress Theme Documentation

  1. Hi there,

    How can I add another page besides ‘Home’ that it will not be shown at the “HomePage” section?

    Every time I try to add a different page, so I can display at the menu navigation and use a plugin which asks for page and not post, both pages (new one and home) appear on the homepage. I’m trying to use BuddyPress, but I can’t add any additional page.

    Please help me here!!

    1. Hello Desainavirss

      It’s already mobile friendly. Could you please specify why you noticed it is not mobile friendly. Or please tell me if anything is not mobile friendly, so that I can improve it.

      Thank You.

  2. Hi!
    Is there a way to make the two featured pictures next to the slider linking to pages and not posts?

  3. Hi Pubudu,
    I’m using theme Awaken. At present, the Page of Categories post have 2 block post (2 columns in row).. But I want it become 3 block post (3 columns in row), because It can show a lot of post in this category. Can you help me? I hope your help as soon as possible… Thanks so much!

  4. Hi!
    How can I translate the Main Menu? I need it in PT BR, just the title.
    I think I have to change this in the code of theme, am I correct?

  5. Hi, i am writing from Spain.

    My web has a problem with the fonts: As you can see, the Facebook, Twitter, etc. logs and the arrows, don´t appear. The strange thing is that on my iPad appear, but not in PCs and movile phones.

    Could you please help me?

    Best regards

    1. Hello David,

      It seems your all images and stuff not loading due to an url issue. Seems some of the urls are wrong. Some of your urls includes www. and some are not. Check what is the url that you have used in the WordPress Address and site url in the General Settings. If both urls contain www. try removing it or if it doesn’t try adding www. And if you are using any cache plugin clear the cache from particular plugin settings.

      Thank You.

    1. I figured it out 🙂 Above in the documentation it says the website needs to have a static homepage as your front page. I added a blank page named “index”. And then you can add the latest posts through the widgets. The magazine 1 & 2 will work like this.

  6. Hello,

    I love your theme, but I am having trouble with it.

    When I view my website, the main page slider picture are not shown and became blank.

    But when I went back to the editor page, the slider picture will be display.

    May I know what’s the solution i fixing this problem?


      1. Dear

        That’s what other laptop browser view. The two bracket for the slider pictures are empty.. is it the code affect how we viw the slider from different region?

        2. May I know how to edit the comment section input field? I wanna removed email input and others… where can I edit the comment section commentator input field?


    1. Hello Kabilram,

      Please read the section 5. Magazine Template of the Awaken documentation to learn how to do that.

      Thank You.

  7. Hello Pubudu
    I use a Awaken WordPress ver.2.0.7 very nice for theme.
    I have a problem for detail display show on post is shortly

    I can’t setting for detail for long detail.

    Thank You.

  8. Hello, for some reason the images from my posts will not display in the featured posts thumbnails on the homepage. However, the title from the posts are on the thumbnails (just missing the photo). If I click on the thumbnails, they take me to their respective blog posts. Do you have any idea why this is happening?

    1. Hello Parris,

      Do you see images called “thumbnail not available” on those posts? If you have set featured images for those post and still showing the “thumbnail not available” images please run the Regenerate Thumbnail plugin to optimize all the images at once.


  9. Hi, firstly i have to say that i love your works 🙂

    Is there a way i can change the “orange” color when the mouse is over something ? Thanks !

    1. Hi,

      You can edit the style.css file to achieve that. However in Awaken Pro you can easily change all most all the colors just from the customizer.

      Thank You.

    1. Hello Anthony,

      Your some of images have not cropped because they do not have the minimum required image width to crop. For example your site contains a post called “SHSUGD Welcomes New Faculty”. Width of the image that you have used for that post is 165px. Regenerate thumbnail crops image if width of the particular image is more than 388px and height of the minimum width is 220px. It cannot be cropped small images to be big ones.

      Thank You.

      1. Thanks so much for your reply. Can I change the dimension of the thumbnail images? I’d like them to have a set width but different heights based on their original dimensions.

  10. Hi Pobudu, Thank you so much for Awaken theme. I like it very much! But there is a problem with my slider. The picture should be at least 752×440. The width of one of my slider pictures ( Obama) is 425 ps but it does not match the slider (special plugin for cropping piucs has been installed). Can you please help me to fix it?

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