Finale Wordpress Theme

Finale wordpress theme is very elegant and stylish an eye candy theme that you must get, its simplicity made it stand out the most among the rest even the other themesmart themes, it is a theme that does not need any sort of slider to make it look more elegant and classy. with its minimalist approach your visitors/readers will have a wonderful time reading your messages and or blog posts.

Each page can be uniquely crafted using the page options we implemented combined with the shortcode plugin we provided you you can create an unlimited number of styles take a look at the demo yourself and see how amazing this theme is, each page has its own header image uploader or choose a background color instead it also supports a custom header title and sub header so you can express your thoughts even more in a more stylish way. Aside from that it even has a header buttons to direct your visitors to anywhere you want, now thats convenient!

This theme is packed with a theme options so you can fully customize the design, including changing the logos, uploading a default header image or choosing a default color even setting up your social media icons and so much more!

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