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CW Magazine WordPress Theme

CW Magazine WordPress Theme is a stunning, responsive review WordPress theme excellent for an a review website or a blog.

Clean & Validated Code
We have to brag with our ability to provide a code that’s easily editable by any person with just enough HTML/PHP knowledge

Browser Compatibility
We be knowin’ that not all them scurvy sailors use ships like Chrome or Firefox, so we made sure our themes be sailin’ in all major browsers of The Seven Seas

Unlimited Choice of Colors
We, the pirates on board of ThemeIsle, are not so fond of the color black, so we made sure yer client be havin’ plenty of colors to choose from in the theme options.

Custom Theme Widgets
Ye won’t spend a fortune on paid plugins to make sure yer theme sails smoothly on The Seven Seas. Custom and highly customizable widgets are part of our never ending mission

Theme Options Panel
No worries mate, if ye are not an experienced developer. Ye can easily update website settings like: logo, social links, colors, ‘n layout from an easy to use interface which will guarantee ye a fun ride through our Theme Options Panel.

Yer website be not written in English? This be not an issue, since our themes are localized ‘n ye can easily translate all the theme built-in text, without any modifications to the source code.

2 thoughts on “CW Magazine

  1. Hi!
    I just activated the CW Magazine theme on my wordpress blog but I have a problem. On the home page where you can see all the latest posts ( a preview of the post ) is a picture of a camera on every post how do I add a picture there? Is it possible to delete that photo from the preview post?

    Thank you!

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