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THBusiness WordPress theme is the first theme developed by themezhut for the official WordPress theme repository. THBusiness theme is mainly focused on the business home page layout while it has a elegant and simple blog layout. Fully featured widgets like Services, Recent Work, Call to Action, Testimonials,etc will help you to easily make the business layout. This theme is powered with twitter bootstrap so you can take advantage of it. THBusiness features a full width slider which is made with flexslider. Responsive layout of this theme gives a great user experience on any viewing environment like mobile devices, tabs and desktops. THBusiness does not have very complex options and the simplicity of this theme will help you to make your website very fast without touching a single line of code. We update the theme time to time giving more and more exciting features.



THBusiness is built with bootstrap framework. You can view the theme on any viewing environment like mobile phones, tabs and desktops without any interruption.


Following are the widgets bundled with this theme. Add them to their relevant sidebars to build your business template.

  • Services Widget.
  • Call To Action Widget.
  • Recent Work Widget.
  • Single Page Widget.
  • Testimonial Widget.
  • Our Clients Widget.


You can change your theme color very easily using theme customizer. Use your favorite color to your website. One click to change all the colors. It is that simple. Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Colors and change the site main color.


This theme features a full width slider which is built using flexslider. You can customize it using the theme options panal in the dashboard.


THBusiness theme customizer will help you to easily add custom logo, favicon, slider and footer description etc. So you don’t have to edit the code to achieve those specific tasks.


This theme has released under the general public license. It lets you to create and change your code without any restriction. You can download the theme and customize as you wish and make something new.

27 thoughts on “THBusiness

    1. Hi, same comment as above–how to we make the header logo image bigger? It seems so small. Since it’s the logo of the brand, I need advice how to make this bigger, more reinforcing. I tried making edits to the CSS but can’t seem to make this a larger size. Please help. Kindly comment back or email me. Thanks.

      1. Hi Eyu, add this to the custom css area of the theme options panel.

        .site-logo-image img {
        max-height: none;


  1. Hi, I’m sorry for the dumb question here, but I have my main home page setup (almost) using your theme, but I have other pages that I want to have as well, but when I create the page and then apply the business theme layout it reverts back to the home page view. Is there a way to have different widgets on different pages?

  2. Hi Pubudu,

    Is there any way to display both the logo and the logo text in the header? One without the other seems too plain.


  3. Hello, I have this page set up for my wife and I’s blog. is there a way to allow comments on our “blogs” page? I have it set up to where it reflects our latest posts.

    1. Hello John,

      Blogs page is a blog listing page. You cannot activate comments for that page. Only you can do is activate comments on each blog post.


      1. yes, I understand. for some reason though after I have enabled the comments for the posts it wont show in this theme.

        Also, how do I get rid of the “leave a reply” box on the home page?

  4. Hi,

    I am developing a website in spanish using your template (kudos! by the way).

    Is there a way to customize the “read more” button text in the Business Services Widget to change it to a line in spanish?


  5. Hey I’m a total novice here, but I love your theme, and I’m giving it a go. My logo ends up pushed up tightly against the top bar or top of the page. Can I pull this down at all? Thanks.

    1. Hello Dan,

      Add the following code to the custom css area in the theme options panel. And hit save.

      .site-logo-image img
      max-height: 87px;
      margin-top: 10px;


  6. Hi Pubudu,

    I really appreciate how wonderful your creation is and i really want to bring back the credit. However though, i want the branding below the page removed after the footer. Is it possible to do it? I really love the theme. The bar that says “Theme: THBusiness by Powered by WordPress”.

    Please please would love to use this theme some more on my future artworks…


  7. Hi Pubudu, thanks for a great theme!
    i am unable to see the option to add a logo under “site identity” what am i doing wrong?
    using a theme i downloaded form here today, and WP Version 4.4.2 newest i guess….

  8. Dear Developer,

    I am a chinese, and proud to use this theme, but there is a little problem: the icons of social media like facebook, twitter etc which can’t access from China, how could I add or just replace a media icon?

    Thanks for your kind help firstly 😉

  9. Hello,

    Really an awesome looking theme, on all devices. One question though. Is it possible to somehow make the header, main content and footer wider?

    Hope you can help

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Version 1.0.4
-Added site main color feature.

Version 1.0.5
-Fixed the slider fading effect issue.
-Added custom excerpt support for pages.

Version 1.0.6
-Added a top bar to the theme.
-Added social media icons to the top bar.

Version 1.0.7
-Escaped top bar inputs.

Version 1.0.8
-Added custom CSS feature.
Version 2.0.0
-Moved all settings of the Theme Options panel to the theme customizer.
-Fixed a simple slider issue.
-Updated Font Awesome font.
-Added title tag support to the theme.
-Updated widgets.

Version 2.0.1
-Removed checking useragent for html5shiv and used wp_script_add_data instead.

Version 2.0.2
-Added new theme filter tags

Version 2.0.3
-Updated Font Awesome Font.

Version 2.0.4
-Added an editor stylesheet.

Version 2.0.5
-Fixed a translation issue.
-Changed widget titles h1 tags to h3.
-Changed content.php h1 tags h2
-Removed site title h1 tag for single posts and pages.

Version 2.0.6
-Added instagram icon to the topbar.
-Updated font awesome font.
-Updated translation files.
-Fixed styling issues in customizer options.