Blog and magazine Pro ( a.k.a. Bam Pro ) WordPress theme is the premium advanced version of the Bam WordPress Theme. Bam Pro is specially designed for blogs, magazines and news websites. It has been designed to give a good impression to your website readers. As the site owner you will find all most all the customization options you will ever need to customize your website, on Bam Pro.

Nicely designed homepage widgets can be used to display your content in a categorized and an organized manner. Those widgets has included Ajax navigation options to easily navigate through posts. Bam Pro has been included all most all the features like Google typography options, Header Layout Options, Advanced Color Options, Blog Layout Options, etc. And also it has more beautiful post layouts that can be selected individually or globally for each post.



BAM Pro widgets are featured with ajax pagination letting your readers to easily find the posts they like just from the homepage. Not only It will increase your post views, it will help to save the bandwidth too. BAM Pro has included extra widgets to list your posts on sidebar in an organized manner.

unlimited-colorsUNLIMITED COLORS.

BAM Pro color options on customizer can be used to change the colors on all most all the elements of your website.

Bam Pro Multiple Post LayoutsMULTIPLE LAYOUTS.

BAM Pro has included 4 different style blog layouts. ( 2 Grid Posts, 3 Grid Posts, List Posts, Large Posts ) And it has four (4) layouts for single posts. Those layouts can be selected globally or uniquely for each post.


Fonts make a huge difference on your site. Sometimes you may don’t like the default fonts included in the theme. That is why BAM Pro has included all most all the google fonts in it letting you to choose your favorite fonts or most matching fonts for your site.

Bam Pro Font OptionsVIDEO POST FORMAT.

BAM Pro supports video post format ensuring this theme can be used for vlogging too. Currently BAM Pro has two layouts to feature videos. You will be able to feature various types of videos on those layouts. ( Youtube, Vimeo, Vine, VideoPress, DailyMotion, etc. )


All of the theme settings and options of BAM Pro are available in the customizer. It helps you to customize the site as you like and with customizer you can actually see live what are you doing and how it applies to the site.

infinite-scrollSEO READY

BAM Pro has developed following up-to-date coding standards. It has a valid markup and it is compatible with all popular browsers. And theme/site can be reached from any screen size. All those things ensure this theme is ready for SEO.


Being responsive is a must feature for a website nowadays. Because majority of people reach to internet through mobile devices. It doesn’t matter your users screen sizes, your website will be beautifully adjusted to their screen sizes without losing any of your content.


Add your own copyright and remove designer credentials and other data very easily.


BAM Pro is licensed under GPL. The theme you buy under any license option can be installed on any number of websites/domains. License means how many websites we provide support and updates on PRO version.

Theme Changelog

= 1.4.0 - May 27 2024 =
* New: Changed slider image display method to improve speed. ( Please clear caches )
* New: Top bar menu displays on mobile now.
* New: Added two new demos.
* New: Improved keyboard navigation support for menus.
* New: Added a "Post Edit" link inside single posts.

= 1.3.9 - March 19 2024 =
* New: Refactored code on Featured Posts Widgets.
* New: Added version to the stylesheet url on functions.php.
* Fix: Updated date not working issue on widgets.
* Fix: Sticky sidebar issue that occurs when the main content height is lower than the sidebar height.
* New: Added title option for the "Bam: Featured Posts ( Slider + 2 Posts )" widget.
* Fix: Invalid ARIA role on tab widget.

= 1.3.8 - Nov 20 2023 =
* New: Option to display article updated date instead of the article published date.
* New: Option to display article published/updated time in "time ago" format.
* Fix: PHP 8.2 deprecation notice.

= 1.3.7 - June 30 2023 =
* New: Added Telegram icon to the top bar social menu.

= 1.3.6 - May 04 2023 =
* New: Added an option to enter the number of days to display popular posts on Bam: Popular, Recent, Tags, Comments widget.
* Tweak: Deferred loading offscreen images in the posts slider to improve site speed.

= 1.3.5 - April 01 2023 =
* Tweak: Social sharing.

= 1.3.4 - Jan 05 2023 =
* New: Added Top Bar social menu options - Tiktok, Discord, Twitch, Mastodon
* Tweak: Moved the social media options into the "Top Bar > Social" section in the customizer.
* New: Added a new customizer section for social sharing options. ( Appearance > Customize > Blog > Social Sharing )
* New: Added Dutch translation files.
* Fix: License expiration date issue.

= 1.3.3 - Nov 01 2022 =
* Tweak: Hide the customizer option "Load Google Fonts Locally" when the "Disable Google Fonts" option is active.
* Tested up to WordPress 6.1

= 1.3.2 - Aug 01 2022 =
* New: Now the Google fonts can be loaded from locally to comply with GDPR law.

= 1.3.1 - June 17 2022 =
* Fix: When the body text color is white the text cannot be seen in the Gutenberg editor.

= 1.3.0 - June 14 2022 =
* New: Now it is possible to select System Font for any element.
* New: All the customizer typography option changes applies to the Gutenberg editor now.
* Fix: swiper.js conflict with some plugins.

= 1.2.9 - Apr 18 2022 =
* Fix: Heading fonts do not display properly on Gutenberg editor.

= 1.2.8 - Mar 24 2022 =
* New: Now it is possible to select SVG icons instead of Font Icons for icons
throughout the site.
* New: Option to show/hide mobile menu text "Menu"
* New: Options to change mobile menu colors.
* Fix: CSS issue on tablet devices.
* New: Used swiper.js library for the slider.

= 1.2.7 - Feb 9 2022 =
* Fix: Translation issue.

= 1.2.6 - Feb 8 2022 =
* New: Support for jetpack infinite scroll.
* New: Accessibility improvement on tab-widget.js, post block widgets and read more button.
* Fix: two slashes in the font awesome font URI.
* Fix: Input range slider control issue in customizer.
* Fix: Footer widget area links color issue.

= 1.2.5 - Jan 24 2022 =
* New: Removed flexslider jquery library and added tiny-slider.js for the Featured Posts ( Slider + 2 Posts ) Widget.
  (Please clear your website caches to apply the changes properly)
* Fix: System font stack applied incorrectly for site title and heading tags when the google fonts turned off.
* Fix: Social Media button styling for default social icon block.

= 1.2.4 - Dec 1 2021 =
* New: Added a new demo.
* New: Font size control for widget post titles.
* New: Added two widget title styles.
* Update: Updated Font Awesome font from 4.7 to 5.15.4

= 1.2.3 - Nov 12 2021 =
* Fixed a critical error that comes on theme updater with PHP 8

= 1.2.2 - Oct 21 2021 =
* Changed the width of the block widget editor area to get a better idea about Post Widgets.

= 1.2.1 - Sep 24 2021 =
* Added a new block style for Gutenberg heading block to be used as widget title.
* Added a style for search block.
* Fixed the horizontal scroll bar issue that appears when the search widget has no label.

= 1.2.0 - July 21, 2021 =
* Fixed an issue in the search toggle.

= 1.1.9 - July 21, 2021 =
* New: Converted navigation, responsive-embeds, sticky menu, tab-widget jQuery to vanilla JavaScript. 
* New: Load the other jQuery files only when needed.
* New: Added support for displaying custom excerpt in widgets.
* New: Add theme support for responsive-embeds.
* The theme is tested with WordPress 5.8 successfully.
* Removed jquery FitVids library.
* Fixed a php issue in bam_social_sharing_buttons() function.

= 1.1.8 - April 07 2021 =
* Fixed a few jQuery deprecated issues.
* Fixed demo preview image not displaying issue on demo install screen.

= 1.1.7 - Aug 09 2020 =
* Bam Pro is successfully tested with WordPress 5.5
* Added a control to on/off lightbox effect of single post featured images.
* Few fixes according to the Theme Check plugin.

= 1.1.6 - June 02 2020 = 
* Added French translation files. 
* Added Norwegian (Bokmål) translation files. 
* Added sticky menu support for mobile screens. 
* Changed comment author URL method on tabs widget. 
* Fixed footer widget area widget title color not changing issue. 
* Fixed menu link color not applying for the menu toggle button issue. 
* Fixed css issues on dropdown-toggle. 
* Fixed single post content line height control not working issue.

= 1.1.5 - April 16 2020 = 
* Added FitVids jquery library to support responsive videos.
* Fixed header background color issue.

= 1.1.4 - April 07 2020 =
* New: Few updates to ready theme for WordPress 5.4
* Fix: Background image now can be applied without deleting the background color. 
* Fix: Header background image can be applied without deleting the header background color now.

= 1.1.3 - March 25 2020 =
* Ready theme for the new update system.

= 1.1.2 - Jan 06 2020 =
* Added a new demo. View it from -
* Added 5 new widgets to be used on front page widget areas.
* Added a setting for excerpt length on widgets.
* Added front page blog section title control on customizer.
* Earlier it was used the uploaded full size image on the slider. Changed that to use the bam-large ( 1400px X 800px ) image.
* Fixed customizer drag and drop functionality not working issue of "Featured Posts (Slider + 2 Posts)" widget. 
* Renamed widgets to "Bam: Magazine Posts" to "Bam: Posts Block" widgets.
* Now you can display meta data and excerpt on "Posts Block (Style 3)" widget.
* Fixed archive title goes out of the area issue when displaying 3-6 grid layouts.
* Modified Bam_Base_Posts_Widget to automatically change the fields default data based on the child class fields array values.

= 1.1.1 - Dec 12 2019 =
* Fixed the meta data controls not working issue on Magazine Posts Style 2 widget.
* Fixed search icon button color not applying issue.

= 1.1.0 - Nov 28 2019 =
* Fully modified posts widgets to accept more parameters like tags,
post ids, multiple categories.
* Widget posts meta controls moved to widget settings.
* Fixed the mobile navigation issue that comes when the menu is centered.
* Fixed article link color controls not working issue.
* Added a color control for widget links and other links throughout the site.
* Added Russian Translation files thanks to Алексей Кузнецов. ( )
* Modified related posts layout for mobiles.

= 1.0.9 - Sep 30 2019 =
* Changed demo customizer.dat file.
* Fixed few CSS issues on mobiles.
* Fixed header text color control not working issue.

= 1.0.8 - Sep 19 2019 =
* Added a method to migrate all the free version theme customizer
settings into the Pro version.

= 1.0.7 - Sep 19 2019 =
* Added page options.
* Added a transition effect to the slider and featured posts title background.
* Updated Spanish translation file.
* Fixed pagination numbers overlaping issue on mobiles.

= 1.0.6 - Sep 06 2019 =
* Fixed the issue that changes site title font size when change the body font size.
* Added date on Grid Posts Widget.

= 1.0.5 - Sep 04 2019 =
* Added German Translation files.
* Added demo import support.
* Added footer menu.
* Feature: Now all the widgets can be displayed on any sidebar/widget area.

= 1.0.4 =
* Added Spanish translation files.

= 1.0.3 =
* Added social sharing buttons.
* Added Right to Left Language Support.
* Added 'no_found_rows' => true to widgets those does not have ajax pagination.

= 1.0.2 =
* Added Sticky Navigation.
* Added sticky sidebar.

= 1.0.1 = 
* Added wp_body_open() function to the header.

= 1.0.0 =
* Initial release

Theme Info

Current Version:
Last Updated:
May 27, 2024
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  • Gutenberg Support
  • Advanced Theme Options
  • Cross Browser compatibility
  • SEO ready
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Translation Ready
  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Logo
  • Header image
  • Header image location select ( After Logo / Before Logo / After navigation / Header Background )
  • Header image link to home
  • Sticky MenuPRO
  • Top bar menu
  • Date on Top bar
  • Tob bar social menu
  • Widgetized HomepagePRO
  • Ajax controls on post widgetsPRO
  • 12+ Posts WidgetsPRO
  • Site boxed and wide layouts
  • Multiple DemosPRO
  • 4 Blog layouts
  • 4 Single posts layouts
  • 4 Sidebar Options
  • Left sidebar
  • Right sidebar
  • Full width
  • Content centered with no sidebar
  • Sticky SidebarPRO
  • Video post formatPRO
  • Author details box
  • Post social sharingPRO
  • Related posts by category or tag
  • Google Fonts
  • GPL Compatibility
  • Footer Copyright EditorPRO
  • Footer menuPRO
  • Demo Content ImportPRO
  • RTL support


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