Awaken Pro WordPress theme is the premium version of the Awaken WordPress theme. Awaken Pro is a magazine/news WordPress theme that is developed to provide a great user experience for both the site owners and the readers. It has included so many options to customize the site easily as you wish. Featured widgets of this theme lets the users to find their targeted posts easily and navigate through the posts easily. Not like the free version, premium version has included AJAX post navigation mechanism for featured posts widgets. If you are going to start new generation magazine website Awaken Pro is the theme that you should use.


ajax-powered-widgetsAJAX POWERED WIDGETS.

Awaken Pro is powered with ajax technology. It improves the readability of the readers. It lets the readers to find there targeted posts very easily. That saves a lot of bandwidth for both parties.

unlimited-colorsUNLIMITED COLORS.

You can change your site colors from theme customizer. Choose your favorite colors to your site.


Awaken Pro is powered with google fonts. You can change your site font in just one click. And you can choose different fonts for titles and articles.


Awaken Pro featured slider can display any amount of slides. Simply customize your slider from the Awaken Pro Customizer Panel.

Boxed-and-Wide-LayoutsBOXED AND WIDE LAYOUTS.

Awaken Pro has built in boxed and wide layouts. Simply choose your preferred layout option.


Most users prefer to use different sidebars for posts, pages, archives and frontpage. Awaken Pro offers you this feature. This allows you to use different sidebars for different areas.


Awaken Pro has different layouts for pages and posts. You are able to select different layouts for different posts and pages. Simply choose your preferred layouts for posts and pages from post and page edit screen.


Awaken Pro is featured with an advanced theme customizer letting the users to customize their sites very easily.


Awaken Pro has built in monetization options. There are widgets to display your banner ads very easily. Just create your ad drag and drop the banner to any sidebar area.


Awaken Pro has a responsive layout. Readers can view your site from any viewing environment like mobile phones, tabs, and desktops without any interruption.


Awaken Pro is licensed under GPL. Use it to make something cool, have fun, and share what you’ve learned with others. The theme you buy under any license option can be installed on any number of websites/domains. License means how many websites we provide support and updates on PRO version.

Theme Changelog

= 2.4.0 - April 02 2024 =
* Fixed excerpt length issue on widgets.
* Changed slider js library to swiper from flexslider jquery library. ( Please clear the cache if
you are using a caching plugin )

= 2.3.2 - Nov 01 2022 =
* Added an option to load Google fonts from the local server.
* Tested up to WordPress 6.1

= 2.3.1 - Oct 27 2021 =
* Fixed the theme updater issue that comes with PHP 8.

= 2.3.0 - Oct 21 2021 =
* Updated Ajax navigation functionality.
* Added block style to the search block.
* Fixed a PHP issue in social sharing function.
* Changed thumbnail placeholder images.
* Now all the settings of the free version will be migrated to Pro version automatically.
* Removed google plus since it is no longer available.
* Changed widget area width of the new block widget area editor.
* Updated demo installation method.

= 2.2.8 - April 18 2020 =
* Added support for WordPress 5.4
* Fix to avoid font awesome font conflicts.
* Renamed theme updater classes.

= 2.2.7 - March 25, 2020 =
* Ready theme for the new update system.

= 2.2.6 - July 30 2019 =
* Added Logo Max Width / Max Height customizer control.
* Added wp_body_open() into header.php
* Fixed top navigation issue. 
* Used h2 tag for screen-reader-text for better SEO.

= 2.2.5 - Jun 17 2019 =
* Some changes according to WPTRT requirements.

= 2.2.4 - Jan 21 2019 =
* Fixed a tweak in Gutenberg stylings.
* Now customizer font changes apply to the Gutenberg editor also.

= 2.2.3 - Jan 21 2019 =
* Added Gutenberg Support.

= 2.2.2 - Oct 09 2018 =
* Updated Popular Posts, Comments, Tags widget to display only approved comments.
* Used (document).ready() method instead of (window).load() method for slider.
* Fixed the issue that comes when creating child themes. 

= 2.2.1 - Aug 06 2018 =
* Renamed few widget controls.
* Renamed 1 customizer control.
* Modified translation files.

= 2.2.0 - May 24 2018 =
* Now Awaken Pro can be updated directly from your dashboard.

= 2.1.9 =
* Added theme starter content support.
* Added customize selective refresh support for widgets.
* Changed sidebar widget title h2 tags to h3

= 2.1.8 =
* Fixed structured data errors showing on Google search console report.

= 2.1.7 =
* Fixed a issue in navigation for RTL language.
* Modified widgets for customizer display.
* Added slider support for magazine template.

= 2.1.6 =
* Fixed a small issue in youtube video and facebook widgets.

= 2.1.5 =
* Added the WordPress default date formatting support for posts widgets.
* Added tumblr and 500px icons to the social icons menu.

= 2.1.4 =
* Added woocommerce 3.0 support.

= 2.1.3 =
* Added woocommerce support.

= 2.1.2 =
* Fixed a minor issue with carousel posts widget.

= 2.1.1 =
* Fixed a small slider issue.

= 2.1.0 =
* Fine tuned the slider.

= 2.0.9 =
* Passed google fonts url to the post/page edit screen.
* Added some stylings to the search box.
* Changed slider h1 tags to h3

= 2.0.8 =
* Changed widget post titles h1 tags to h3
* Changed blog listing titles h1 tags to h2
* Fixed undefined variable issue in magazine widgets.
* Added the previously removed theme section again to the customizer.

= 2.0.7 =
* Added Carousel posts widget.

= 2.0.6 =
* Added social sharing icons to articles. Those icons can show/hide from 'Appearance > Customize > Post/Page Settins.
* Added a checkbox to show/hide search box on navigation. ( Appearance > Customize > General Settins. )
* Updated font awesome font.

= 2.0.5 =
* Added a method to display sticky posts for the two featured posts that are just next to the slider.
* Fixed a simple layout issue in three block posts widget.

= 2.0.4 =
* Removed checking useragent for html5shiv and used wp_script_add_data instead.

= 2.0.3 =
* Changed the archive title for categories and tags.

= 2.0.2 =
* Removed the call for Redux Framework files.

= 2.0.1 =
* Fixed issues in footer.php and template-tags.php customizer functions.

= 2.0.0 =
* Removed Awaken Options Panel. ( Now it does not need to install the Redux Framework plugin. )
* Added all options to the theme customizer. ( Appearance > Customize )
* Fixed some translation issues.
* Added title-tag support.
* Added 2 social media icons.
* Added an editor stylesheet.
* Added font changing support for Navigations, Widget titles.
* Added a theme info page.

= 1.0.4 =
* Removed deprecated constructor method for facebook widget.
* Fixed some issues with translation.
* Fixed a style issue in logo area width.

= 1.0.3 =
* Fixed an issue in the Theme Options panel.
* Fixed a small html validation issue in the widgets area.

= 1.0.2 =
* Fixed some issues with RTL css.
* Added switches to turn on or off comments on pages or posts.
* Fixed some issues with translation.

= 1.0.1 =
* Fixed a issue in theme header ad area. 

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April 02, 2024
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