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Trend WordPress Theme Screenshot.

The trend wordpress theme is a responsive blog theme using bootstrap 3.0, from twitter. It looks great on any device. It features a 100% responsive layout, Custom widgets, Customization options and a lot more.

Following is a list of features.

Responsive layout
2 columns
Recent, Popular widgets
Youtube video widget
125×125 ad widget
skyscrapper(160×600) ad widget
250×250 ad widget
Full width page

7 thoughts on “Trend

  1. I already tried HitMag since 2 days ago in my demo site. It just above average good. But still can’t surpass the greatness of Awaken unfortunately. I have tried EVERY magazine themes I found. Probably above 150 magazine themes. Yet none of it can beat Awaken honestly. I’m in love with it. That’s why I hate Trend theme because I expect it should at least as good as HitMag since it is made by same author. -.-

    1. How did you compare Awaken and HitMag? Is that the design? What kind of things or design items do you think that Awaken surpasses HitMag? Actually trend is a very basic theme I made a long time ago.

      Thank You.

  2. Sorry for late reply. How did I compare?

    1. Awaken have 2 magazine widgets but HitMag only have 1.
    2. Awaken have better design.
    3. Awaken have less problem and easy to setup.
    4. Awaken load faster based on Pingdom Tools result.
    5. Awaken CAN RUN custom Javascripts/JQuery code using regular HTML Text widget. HitMag cannot! (This one made me go crazy these past 2 days.)

    Me or many other bloggers use custom Javascripts/JQuery to run HTML or anything on our blog. For example to prevent user to right click, detecting Ad-block, etc. Unfortunately it seems impossible to do it with HitMag while Awaken does it perfectly. I’m looking for a new magazine for my new blog. After 3 days struggling, maybe it’s time to say good bye to HitMag unless you can suggest me other way to fix this aside installing new plugins.

    Thank you!

  3. Hello,

    I apologize for my comment above. Seems it come from my side. After wandering awhile on Google, it seems all Javascripts on all 6 of my blogs has stop working. That include my blogs using Awaken Free and Awaken Pro. Problem source is all codes stripped from regular HTML/Text widget since WordPress 4.8 and I just realize it today :'( No wonder all my popup ads broken.

    Sorry again!

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