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HitMag Pro is a flexible and versatile theme perfect for magazines, news sites and blogs. HitMag Pro is the premium version of the HitMag WordPress theme. It lets you organize and present your articles in a smart way with different style widgets on the homepage. Uniquely selectable multiple post layouts and smart customization options make this the perfect choice for any publisher.



HitMag Pro widgets are featured with ajax pagination letting your readers to easily find the posts they like just from the homepage. Not only It will increase your post views, it will help to save the bandwidth too. HitMag Pro has included extra widgets to list your posts on sidebar in an organized manner.

unlimited-colorsUNLIMITED COLORS.

Well.. All of us have our own favourite colors. We all like to have our favourite colors on the site. So HitMag pro has featured to select colors for all most all the elements of your site just from the customizer.

HitMag Pro Multiple Post LayoutsMULTIPLE LAYOUTS.

HitMag Pro has included 4 different style blog layouts. ( 2 Grid Posts, 3 Grid Posts, List Posts, Large Posts ) And it has four (4) layouts for single posts. Those layouts can be selected globally or uniquely for each post.


Fonts make a huge difference on your site. Sometimes you may don’t like the default fonts included in the theme. That is why HitMag Pro has included all most all the google fonts in it letting you to choose your favorite fonts or most matching fonts for your site.

HitMag Pro Font OptionsVIDEO POST FORMAT.

HitMag Pro supports video post format ensuring this theme can be used for vlogging too. Currently HitMag Pro has two layouts to feature videos. You will be able to feature various types of videos on those layouts. ( Youtube, Vimeo, Vine, VideoPress, DailyMotion, etc. )


All of the theme settings and options of HitMag Pro are available in the customizer. It helps you to customize the site as you like and with customizer you can actually see live what are you doing and how it applies to the site.

advanced-customizerCUSTOM SLIDER

In addition to the category posts slider HitMag Pro has extra custom slider option which allows you to add custom images along with custom links and titles.

infinite-scrollINFINITE SCROLL ( JETPACK )

Implement infinite scroll feature for your site in no time. Just install jetpack and activate infinite scroll module.

infinite-scrollSEO READY

HitMag Pro has developed following up-to-date coding standards. It has a valid markup and it is compatible with all popular browsers. And theme/site can be reached from any screen size. All those things ensure this theme is ready for SEO.


Being responsive is a must feature for a website nowadays. Because majority of people reach to internet through mobile devices. It doesn’t matter your users screen sizes, your website will be beautifully adjusted to their screen sizes without losing any of your content.


Add your own copyright and remove designer credentials and other data very easily.

31 thoughts on “HitMag Pro

  1. Hello Pubudu,

    I bought your theme, and it is very good!

    I have one problem – the function – Customize- Blog Posts – Meta, when I try to remove Author – it doesn’t work.

  2. I do not have full access to the colors. I can not enter a hex number with the hitmag pro version,
    Do not have the option to change the background color; even color bar doesn’t show up.

    1. Dear Loretta,

      This is due to the latest WordPress 4.9 update that issued today. I just updated the the HitMag Pro theme ( version 1.0.5 ) to work with the newest WordPress version. Please download the updated theme from https://themezhtut.com/my-account/

      I think you know how to update the theme. However I will give you few steps to easily update the theme.

      1) Install and activate the “Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades” plugin. ( That’s it. That’s all you have to do with the plugin. )
      2) Download your theme update from https://themezhut.com/my-account/
      3) Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme and select the downloaded hitmag-pro.1.0.5.zip file by clicking the “Choose File” button and click upload. Then install it and activate it.

      I hope this will help you.

      Thank You.

    1. I can remove the custom CSS I placed on it to center the header banner on the right. But in tablet and mobile, there is a huge amount of space between the logo and the banner and the menu. I want to close up that unnecessary space.

  3. Hi, can you please advise me how can I translate themes into Czech? I have a problem with “Read more,” which is still the only one I still see in English, although it is translated into Czech in the editing of the template. Where can the problem be? Thank you.

    1. Dear Adam,

      Where did you edit your translations? To translate the theme easily you can use “Loco Translate Plugin”.

      Thank you.

  4. Hi !

    First of all, awesome theme. Really nice to use and to understand the different features. I have one question though: I purchased a plugin called Advanced Ads that is supposed to let me deal with positionning ads where I want. It seems that I can’t make it work on the magazine homepage layout, nor in the top (next to my blog logo) field.

    Is there any way to deal with ads with this theme ? Any tips ?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

    1. Dear Brice,

      There is no any special way to deal with the theme. You can use Ad widgets that they provide in any sidebar you like. To display ads in top, next to logo just put the ad widget to “Header Sidebar”.

      Thank You.

      1. Hello Pubudu,

        Thank you for your feedback. I figured that out yesterday. I have to configure my ads in the Ad plugin, then insert them with the Ad Widget from the theme, just like you mentioned. Perfect ! 🙂

        Have a great day !

    1. Dear Sarah,

      HitMag Pro is not a plugin. It is a WordPress theme. You can install it from Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme.

      Thank You.

    1. Hello Xuguanghui,

      I replied to your email yesterday. I think you haven’t seen it. Could you please reply it?

      Thank You.

        1. I forwarded it now. Could you please check your email-“xgh4214@gmail.com”. Please check on your other folders too.. (Spam, Promotion etc )

          Thank You.

    1. Hi Nasos,

      Could you please explain me what do you mean that? Do you mean the designer information on footer? If so, yes you can completely remove that on PRO version.

      Thank You.

  5. I saw that on your theme are some banners for advertisements. I can manage them for my own profit or there will be advertisements of other sites and products and I must pay something to remove them?

  6. Hi there,
    I’m wondering if there is a way to edit (remove/add) some of the space between widgets? Particulary the text widget? We’re having trouble finding consistent spacing between plugin on side widgets and on home page magazine widgets.
    Also, I am using a slider plugin and I want to replace the slider that comes with the theme on the home page, but I want to use the same space where the theme slider goes. How would I do this?
    Thank you.

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= 1.0.0 - Aug 7 2017 =
* Initial release

= 1.0.1 - Aug 16 2017 =
* Fixed some RTL issues.
* Fixed translation issues.
* Added Jetpack Infinite Scroll support.

= 1.0.2 - Aug 28 2017 = 
* Added ajax pagination for widgets.
* Enqueued minified scripts to optimize speed.

= 1.0.3 - Sep 14 2017 = 
* Improved widget ajax pagination.
* Fixed few issues in RTL styles.
* Fixed a plugin conflict with slider.
* Fixed IE 11 menu dropdown icon issue.
* Added styles to Category Widget and Archive Widget.

= 1.0.4 - Nov 04 2017 =
* Fixed the white space issue on header.
* Added color changing feature to responsive mobile navigations.

= 1.0.5 - Nov 16 2017 =
* Updated the theme to work with WordPress 4.9
* Updated the kirki library integrated with the theme.

= 1.0.6 - Dec 22 2017 =
* Fixed an issue in sticky sidebar.

= 1.0.7 - Jan 08 2018 =
* Added yelp icon.
* Added demo installation method.
* Added few stylings to customizer.
* Fixed a small styling issue in blog posts listing.
* Fixed a small issue in editor stylesheet.

= 1.0.8 - Jan 09 2018 =
* Fine tuned for demo installation.

= 1.0.9 - Feb 27 2018 =
* Added WooCommerce support.

= 1.1.0 - March 5 2018 =
* Added search box to the mobile navigation menu.
* Added stylings for default widgets.
* Changed the header sidebar height.
* Added some stylings to WooCommerce.

= 1.1.1 - March 19 2018 =
* Changed few stylings.

= 1.1.2 - April 02 2018 =
* Created a better navigation menu for mobile.
* Added a new menu for footer.
* Updated kirki library.

= 1.1.3 - April 20 2018 =
* Changed kirki version due to a compatiblity issue on WordPress versions before 4.9

= 1.1.4 - April 23 2018 =
* Fixed redundant google fonts loading issue.

= 1.1.5 - May 11 2018 =
* Fixed an escaping issue.