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Awaken Pro WordPress theme is the premium version of the Awaken WordPress theme. Awaken Pro is a magazine/news WordPress theme that is developed to provide a great user experience for both the site owners and the readers. It has included so many options to customize the site easily as you wish. Featured widgets of this theme lets the users to find their targeted posts easily and navigate through the posts easily. Not like the free version, premium version has included AJAX post navigation mechanism for featured posts widgets. If you are going to start new generation magazine website Awaken Pro is the theme that you should use.


ajax-powered-widgetsAJAX POWERED WIDGETS.

Awaken Pro is powered with ajax technology. It improves the readability of the readers. It lets the readers to find there targeted posts very easily. That saves a lot of bandwidth for both parties.

unlimited-colorsUNLIMITED COLORS.

You can change your site colors from theme customizer. Choose your favorite colors to your site.


Awaken Pro is powered with google fonts. You can change your site font in just one click. And you can choose different fonts for titles and articles.


Awaken Pro featured slider can display any amount of slides. Simply customize your slider from the Awaken Pro Customizer Panel.

Boxed-and-Wide-LayoutsBOXED AND WIDE LAYOUTS.

Awaken Pro has built in boxed and wide layouts. Simply choose your preferred layout option.


Most users prefer to use different sidebars for posts, pages, archives and frontpage. Awaken Pro offers you this feature. This allows you to use different sidebars for different areas.


Awaken Pro has different layouts for pages and posts. You are able to select different layouts for different posts and pages. Simply choose your preferred layouts for posts and pages from post and page edit screen.


Awaken Pro is featured with an advanced theme customizer letting the users to customize their sites very easily.


Awaken Pro has built in monetization options. There are widgets to display your banner ads very easily. Just create your ad drag and drop the banner to any sidebar area.


Awaken Pro has a responsive layout. Readers can view your site from any viewing environment like mobile phones, tabs, and desktops without any interruption.


Awaken Pro is licensed under GPL. Use it to make something cool, have fun, and share what you’ve learned with others.

128 thoughts on “Awaken Pro

    1. Hi mike,

      Yes you can translate any default English text to Swedish. This theme supports translation. If you want to know about translation this video will guide you.

      Sorry I cannot understand the second question. Could you please explain it? If you want to upload a picture just upload as a featured image.

      Thank you.

  1. How can I remove the Top Menu and have the social links displayed on the main menu the same way they are on the top?

    1. Hi Adanne,

      That cannot be done with the default settings page because they are in two different locations. In order to do that you have to do simple customization in header.php. Contact me if you want a help.


  2. Hi.
    I try changing the background image, and it doesn’t work. It only works on the preview in the dashboard.

    And where do I pick my logo image? In general settings, I am given the option to display site title and logo, title, logo, etc., but I can’t seem to find where to upload the logo.


    1. Hi Juan,

      Did you hit the “Save Changes” button after you changing the background image?

      In the “Awaken Options” panel under “General Settings” the first section is logo section. There is a button called “upload” to upload the logo. You can upload your logo image there.

      Thanks for using Awaken Pro.

      1. Hi! Thanx for asking. I accomplished everything thankfully.
        The issue I’m having now, is a bigger one.
        On the main page, I hit on the posts (title, or read more, etc) and it reloads the homepage. This happens on Chrome and IE, not Firefox. Same issue on several computers!

    1. Yes Trqrrhmn, Go to widgets area and find “header ad area”. You can add widgets there. It is the widget area in the top right corner.


  3. Thats not good. I have that problem with the slider image size again. The big picture is too high. so it looks horrible. I used regenerate thumbnails already and it was working fine. But now not anymore in the same way. After using regenerate all thumbnails…. the slider image are not cropped properly again. And I can not fix this. Has there been an auto update or so? I totally dont understand this anymore.

    Please help.

    1. Hi elmar,
      In order to crop a image(slider image) by the regenerate thumbnail plugin, your image width must be more than 752px and height must be more than 440px. Otherwise you have to use photoshop or gimp to make the image big.(zoom).


        1. Hello Jay,

          Go to Awaken Options > Post Options. You will see there is an on off switch saying “Display featured image in single post article”. You can stop displaying featured images from there.


  4. Hi Pubudu,

    I have all the files in my laptop/downloads. Is there anything else I need to do. I did not receive any .zip file (that I know of). I simply pressed on the download link that was provided and an Awaken pro folder was sent to my downloads. My theme information still displays Awaken, but not the pro version. How can I tell if whether or not I already have the pro version set?

    1. Hello John,

      Just forget the “zip” file. zip means it is a compressed file. Your file name is awaken-pro.1.0.02.

      1.) Download the “file”. ( You have already done that. The file is in the downloads folder now )
      2.) Go to Appearance > Themes in the WordPress Dashboard.
      3.) Click on the Add New button.
      4.) Click on the Upload Theme button on the top.
      5.) Use Choose File button to select the downloaded file.
      6.) Select the downloaded file from your computer (in downloads folder select the downloaded file) and click Install Now Button.
      7.) After successfully installing the theme click “Activate Theme”.
      8.) After activating the theme, WordPress dashboard will display a message to install the Redux Framework. Install the redux framework from there. Then activate the plugin. If you did not find that message just install the Redux Framework in the same way that you install other plugins.


  5. Hey, great template. We are thinking about purchasing Pro Version. Does it support layout for BBPress or you are planning to add this?

    1. Hi Aleks,

      I am sorry we haven’t tested yet the theme with BBPress. But BBPress plugin normally works with almost every theme.


  6. Hi,

    Can we change the translastion of Awaken: Popular posts, comments and tags widget in French ?

    Or more simply, can we change the followings words ? Popular, tags and comments ?

    Thank you in advance,

  7. I just purchased the Pro Version and downloaded the file which is in a folder. To upload it through the WordPress dashboard I need a zip file which is not in the downloaded folder.

    How do I add this theme?

  8. Disregard my earlier comment about the zip file. I uploaded the theme via ftp.

    But now that I have it uploaded I have a blue box around the header menu locations and logo. How do I make that go away?

    1. I would also like to change the background color of the navigation bars as well. I thought that was in the theme options but isn’t.

      1. Hello Palmer,

        Could you please give me your url? Make sure you have installed the redux framework plugin. Awaken Pro has the option to change the background color of the navigation bar.


  9. Hi I would like to create a blog? Can Awaken be used solely for this purpose and not a magazine? I noticed there is a section for both. Secondly can I put texts on the slider image? I intend to download the Awaken and not the Awaken Pro

    1. Hello Cece, Yes you can create a blog using awaken free version. But I am sorry you cannot put custom texts on the slider image. Customizable slider comes with the Awaken pro version only.

      Thank You.

  10. Hi! First, I want to say thank you for your theme. It’s classy and epurate and I love it so much. I even think of going Pro to costumize it more.

    I have a question. What is the php version used by the theme? My host will only accept the 5.4 and up, and I wanna be sure it’s gonna be OK.


  11. I just want to say thank you so much for this template. It is truly amazing, my blog feels so elegant now. I can see myself competing with the top blogs now. I am thinking of purchasing the pro version because I want the responsive mobile layout. Again this is a great template.

  12. I’m trying to remove the widget titles from the multiple advertisement blocks we have on the main sidebar, but I haven’t been able to do that. I downloaded the “Remove Widget Titles” plugin, but it doesn’t seem to be compatible with the theme. Any advice on how we can easily remove these widget titles (my coding skills are paltry at best) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  13. Hello, i would like to buy a theme, and i am interesed in awaken pro.

    , i want to know if i can customize the header, colors and text? is there space for advertising? The pay is for only once or i have to pay the next year, i mean (renewable)?..thanks

    1. Hello Gisepy,

      Yes you can customize header, all the colors and texts. And yes of course there is a header widget area for advertising. And the pay is not for a year. Once paid you will get all the updates and the theme for forever.

      Thank You.

          1. Hello Anass,

            I am sorry then. You cannot create slides inside pages with Awaken Pro. But you can create different sliders on “gallery posts”. Gallery posts are normal posts. But the images you insert will display in a slider. But you cannot create “pages” like that in this theme. If you want to see that I will add a gallery post in the demo and show you how it works.

            Thank You.

  14. Hey Pubudu, I wanted to know if it’s possible for 1 post/widget to be the same size as the three you have posted so I could go 1 big rectangle pic/link then 3 under, 1 big, 3 under etc. ? Just for looks etc.

    I’ve been playing with what I think is the ‘demo’ version on Word Press? Because things will show in the preview but then not publish.

  15. Hello,
    I’m thinking about buying the pro version, but is there an option to make the entire picture on the slider a link to one of my posts or pages? Right now it is just the white text that goes over the pictures, is there an option to make the pictures themselves in the slider and the “featured posts” sections the links?

    Thank you,

    1. Dear Logan,

      Yes, Many of the “Pro” users have asked for this. So I have created a child theme for awaken pro which works exactly in that way. So if you buy the theme I’ll send that child theme for you.

      Thank You.

  16. hey,

    I really liked the theme , but before purchase, I would like to make sure if the slider can be shown on all other pages and not only the homepage .

  17. I have bought the theme, but would like to add some text to some of the sidebars. I would make custom sidebars for these pages, but I cannot understand which widget can do this – and if any can?

  18. Hello Pupudu,
    I just installed your theme. But when i post a picture, it don’t show directly the picture (Thumbnail not available) and i can see the picture while i click on the (Thumbnail not available). How can i solve this problem ?

    1. Hello Sokpheap,

      First install the regenerate thumbnails plugin. After installing go to Tools > Regen. Thumbnails. Then click Regen. Thumbnails button.

      After that your all images will be optimized and showed in the theme properly.

      Thank You.

      1. I installed the regenerate thumbnails plugin. But i can’t find Regen and Thoumbnails in Tools. In tools of my computer, it just has Available Tools (no regen), Import, Export and Go to daddy Quick Setup.

        1. Hi Sokpheap,

          It is not on your computer. Please go to tools > Regen. Thumbnails in your WordPress backend ( dashboard ).

          Thank You.

  19. All of my post (include post no picture), it always show Thumbnail not available. So how can i hide this Thumbnail not available?

    1. Hi Benjamin,

      Yes you can make child themes. I have sent you the awaken pro child theme via email. So now you can edit it to gain what you want.

      Thank you.

  20. Hi! Nice theme! I bought the PRO version. I want to change language on som buttons and text. How to ?
    F.ex I need to change language on NEXT button PREVIOUS button and other to no_NO , Norwegian.
    I tried to edit default.po but nothing seemed to happen… maybe I did not change enough ?
    Or am I editting on the wrong place ?

  21. Hi, I’ve purchased the Awaken Pro version. I would like to know if it’s possible to put google ads inside awaken ads widget areas and if yes how.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Andrea,

      No you don’t have to use Awaken ad widgets for google ads. Just use the default “Text Widget” and paste the google code inside the textarea of the text widget and place it any sidebar you want. For example, to apply a ad in header place the that widget in the Header Ad Area.

      Thank You,
      Best Regards,

  22. Hello Pubudu.
    Thank you for theme, but me need a help. I can do a full page consisting only of photos ?
    if possible , please tell me how to do it.

  23. Hello Pubudu,

    I am considering to buy Awaken pro, but I would like to check a few things first. Will Awaken pro enable me to easily customise (via the customiser) the menu, header and highlight colors?

    1. Hello Patrick,

      The menu can be customized in both free and pro versions. All the colors can be easily customized with the pro version via customizer.

      Thank You.

  24. Hello good afternoon,
    I sent a few posts previously and got no answer. I discovered the problem that the “Awaken Pro” is causing my page and would like a solution.
    I have installed the plugin “Advanced Permalinks” and every time I activate it, the widgets related to “Magazine Template” do not work. Could you help? This plugin is now indispensable for the operation of my website today.

    1. Hello Fábio,

      I am really sorry for the late reply. I have sent you a mail. Could you please reply for that?

      Thank You.

  25. hello,

    is the “Awaken Pro WordPress Theme” compatible with woocommerce? if not do you have a theme that is compatible with woocommerce? I would like to implement ecommerce capabilities and really like your theme, please let me know whenever possible so that I can purchase it! thanks!

    1. Hello WebDev,

      I am really sorry for the late reply. However our “Enliven Pro” is compatible with woocommerce.

      Thank You.

  26. hello brother i liked all your Themes and nearly i use all the free 1 but i decide to buy 1 now but i would like to ask about , can i change The Theme To Arabic language tell me please which 1 i have to chose and , Must be have Trial to try It and show It to My Clients .

  27. Hi Pubudu!

    Can I somehow add AdSense code directly into my posts, wrapping around the text? For example, I would like to have 300×250 ad at the beginning of all the articles but I have no idea how.

  28. Hi,

    Is Awaken Pro theme fully compatible with latest WordPress atm 4.5.2? I found that listing posts in Magazine 2 widget on homepage with nextpage option doesn’t work anymore.

    Thanks for the theme and support.


    1. Hello Lvica,

      Yes it is compatible up to 4.5.2. It seems your widgets are not on the homepage. If they are in an other page except in the front page they won’t work. However I’ll update it to work it on any page.

      Thank You.

  29. Hi,
    I have the same issues than other people here regarding translation. This is Loco Plugin requires a POT file to do its job properly and theme does not come with it.
    Can you provide it and explain how do you proceed in Loco without it ?

    1. Hi Julien,

      There is a .po ( POT ) file in theme. Name of the file is “default”. That file is located in “awaken-pro/languages” folder. And there is two files called “default” but one is “” and other file is “default”. You should choose the “default” file which is 27kb.

      Thank You.

      1. Hi, thanks a lot for your reply.
        However Loco detects Awaken.pot that only contains 7 strings to translate. Should I go into the advanced section and set the template file to default.po instead ?

        1. Hi Julien,

          Yes you should select the default.po file and start to translate. However there is not a file called Awaken.pot in the theme.

          Thank You.

  30. My home page is defaulted by the sidebar.
    I would like each page to also have the sidebar, but instead of all of the recent post showing I want it to show the post pertaining that page (i.e. their category). Is this possible using the awakened theme?

    1. Hi adam,

      Are you using full width layout or the normal layout? If you can provide me your url it will be lot easier for me to help.

      Thank You.

    1. Hi Benoit,

      Do you use jetpack? If so you can use their facebook like box which is exactly like to the theme default facebook like box.

      Thank You.

  31. Hi Pubudu –

    Is there any way to combine all posts and a static home page? I like some of the features the static home page gives me (like three block posts), but then I’d like all posts to be below that, not in another widget format, just cascading down as they would in an all-posts home page. Possible? Any way to go into WordPress Editor to do it?


    1. Oh, plus, only since purchasing Awaken Pro have I seen something wonky going on with the menu. If you look at the top of, you’ll see “Home” and “Blog”, but I have no activated Menu for that Menu position. Didn’t happen with non-pro Awaken. With the basic version, when I didn’t assign a menu to a menu location, there was no text there.

      1. Hi Paul,

        I can see it is working. However for the recordm you need to save your menus again after changing a theme.

        Thank You.

  32. Hi, Pubudu. I am Made Ari. I am using Awaken Pro on my blog now.
    Thank you for creating such an awesome template!
    Currently, I am trying to customize the size of typography. The size of the body font “14” in pixels looks okay on my mobile phone but it’s too small when I open my blog on the desktop (through a 14-inch laptop). Is it possible to set different size of body font on the mobile phone and on the desktop?
    Waiting for your guidance.
    Thank you.
    Made Ari.

  33. Can we build a multi-language website with Awaken pro since i am very satisfied with the free version and I’ve been able to translate the site through some plugins but they are effecting my SEO ranking. Please check the site

    Thank you in advance,

  34. Hi there,

    Could you please inform me if I can build multi-language site with Awaken pro since I am using free version and I am very satisfied with Awaken theme meanwhile I’ve been able to translate and build a multi-language site through plugins using Awaken theme but it has impacted my SEO ranking. Please check the site to be able to understand my requirements at

    Thank you in advance,

    1. Hi Valon,

      Could you please tell me what plugins did you use for multi-language? And could you please briefly explain me in what way it impacted your seo ranking?

      Thank You.

  35. Hi Pubudu,

    I noticed that the latest Awaken Pro is 2.1.8. The version I had for our website is 2.0.2 so I decided to try the latest version on our test server.

    On the test servers, it appear the Featured sliders do not work at all–I’m seeing a blank where the featured Slider and the Featured Posts normally go. When I switched back to 2.0.2 on the test server, the sliders reappeared as normal. This makes me hesitant to update the theme on our live website.

    The version of WP I’m running on the test server and live site is 4.8.3. Is Awaken Pro 2.1.8 compatible with it?

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

    1. Dear Dennis,

      We have updated the slider on Awaken Pro. This happens because your web browser still loading the previous css files. Just hit ctrl+shift+R to Hard Reload your web browser window.

      Thank You.

  36. Ugh…very puzzling. I updated the one on the live site with 2.1.8 and Featured became broken. Switched back to 2.0.2 and it was fine again.

    Will take another look later today.

    Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks for any ideas.

    1. Dear Dennis,

      It is just because of the browser cache. Just hit the ctrl+shift+R on your browser window to Hard Reload your site. If it is still not showing, and if you are using a caching plugin clear the cache from the plugin settings and hard reload your web browser window.

      Thank You.

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Version 1.0.0
- Initial theme release.

Version 1.0.1
- Fixed header ad area issue.
- Added Theme Support section to the Awaken Options panel.

- Version 1.0.2
Fixed some issues with RTL css.
Added switches to turn on or off comments on pages or posts.
Fixed some issues with translation.

- Version 1.0.3
Fixed an issue in the Theme Options panel.
Fixed a small html validation issue in the widgets area.

- Version 1.0.4
Removed deprecated constructor method for facebook widget.
Fixed some issues with translation.
Fixed a style issue in logo area width.

- Version 2.0.0
Removed Awaken Options Panel. ( Now it does not need to install the Redux Framework plugin. )
Added all options to the theme customizer. ( Appearance > Customize )
Fixed some translation issues.
Added title-tag support.
Added 2 social media icons.
Added an editor stylesheet.
Added font changing support for Navigations, Widget titles.
Added a theme info page.
Removed custom sidebar creating feature.
Added a sidebar selector to the customizer letting the users to choose the built-in 4 sidebars for frontpage, pages, posts and archives.

- Version 2.0.3
Changed archive title for categories and tags.

- Version 2.0.4
Removed checking useragent for html5shiv and used wp_script_add_data instead.

- Version 2.0.5
Added a method to display sticky posts for the two featured posts that are just next to the slider.
Fixed a simple layout issue in three block posts widget.

- Version 2.0.6
Added social sharing icons to articles. Those icons can show/hide from 'Appearance > Customize > Post/Page Settins.'
Added a checkbox to show/hide search box on navigation. ( Appearance > Customize > General Settins. )
Updated font awesome font.

- Version 2.0.7
Added Carousel posts widget.

- Version 2.0.8
Changed widget post titles "h1" tags to "h3"
Changed blog listing titles "h1" tags to "h2"
Fixed undefined variable issue in magazine widgets.
Added the previously removed theme section again to the customizer.

- Version 2.0.9
Passed google fonts url to the post/page edit screen.
Added some stylings to the search box.
Changed slider h1 tags to h3

- Version 2.1.0
Fine tuned the slider.

- Version 2.1.1
Fixed a small slider issue.

- Version 2.1.3
Added woocommerce support.

- Version 2.1.4
Added woocommerce 3.0 support.

- Version 2.1.5
Added the WordPress default date formatting support for posts widgets.
Added tumblr and 500px icons to the social icons menu.

- Version 2.1.6
Fixed a small issue in video and facebook widgets.

- Version 2.1.7
Fixed a issue in navigation for RTL language.
Modified widgets for customizer display.
Added slider support for magazine template.

- Version 2.1.8
Fixed structured data errors showing on Google search console report.

- Version 2.1.9
Added theme starter content support.
Added customize selective refresh support for widgets.
Changed sidebar widget title "h2" tags to "h3"