Important updates for Bam and Bam Pro

Here is important news for our Bam and Bam Pro users.

We have made some significant updates for Bam and Bam Pro WordPress themes. We converted all the jQuery scripts to vanilla javascript completely on Bam Free version. Now it does not depend on jQuery at all. However, we have not converted all on the Bam Pro since there are a few large jQuery libraries to be converted. So it will take a few more days and we decided to release the completed modules first without waiting until all the scripts converted on Bam Pro. However, remaining scripts load only when used or only where necessary. For example, the slider jquery library loads only on the page where the slider widget is displayed.

What do you need to do?

We recommend carefully check your websites after installing the update. Please clear caches on your WordPress caching plugins. And reset CSS and JS minification plugins if you are using one of them, after installing the update. That will make your site live with updated CSS and JS and will eliminate issues caused by running outdated scripts.

If you still see any problems please hard-reload your browser window by hitting Cmd + Shift + R on Mac or Ctrl + Shift + R on Windows.

Scripts that belong to the following parts or areas have been converted.

  1. Main Menu / Mobile Menu.
  2. Responsive embeds. Removed fitvids jQuery library.
  3. Bam Popular, Recent, Comments tab widget.
  4. Sticky navigation.

Even both the themes are good at the performance we want to make them 100% on page speed insights and other page speed tools. To get there we had to remove render-blocking jQuery first. And of course, there will be few updates to boost up the performance in the upcoming days for both of the themes.

Please let us know if you face any problems or issues after the update. We are happy to assist you.

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